Department of Transportation

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Transportation Mission:

Altus Schools Transportation Department is dedicated to the belief that the most precious resource of our

district is its young citizens. Transportation is charged with the responsibility of transporting our most

precious cargo to and from school and school activities. It is absolutely essential that the students attending

our schools arrive at their destinations safely and in a mental state of mind that is conducive to learning.

The Transportation Department employee is an important member of the educational team. It is the

employee's responsibility to deliver the student to and from school safely, on time and promote to the young

citizens in their charge the moral characteristics necessary for the well-being of each child.

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that all Transportation Department employees receive the proper training,

leadership and support necessary to enable them to successfully execute their duties.


a: School Bus Rider's Handbook - This booklet will be made available to each student that

rides a school bus. This handbook outlines the students and parents responsibilities for

bus transportation. All safety rules/procedures and conduct guidelines are included.

b: School bus transportation requirements - School districts are only funded for students

living 1.5 miles or greater from the school they attend. This is measured by driving distance,

not radius from the school. Transportation can only be provided to and from the student's

home address on file at the school. Proof of address is required. (See page 7)

c: Carry-ons - Students are not permitted to bring large items on the bus that cannot be held

or stored under the seat. This includes large band instruments, boxes or projects. The

transportation of animals, weapons, drugs, glass and objects that pose a threat to the

passengers is strictly prohibited. (See page 10)

d: Discipline Policy - (See page 12)

e: Late Buses - Despite everyone's best efforts to keep the buses on time, it is inevitable that

buses will sometimes be late. Completed transportation forms show the approximate

time of pick up at each stop. As the school year proceeds, passengers will get a more

realistic idea of when the bus will actually arrive at their individual bus stop. Sometimes

unforseen situations occur that prohibit the bus from being on time, such as mechanical

break down or traffic congestion due to an accident or inclement weather. When these

situations occur, the Transportation Department makes every effort to get a bus back on

schedule however, it is not always possible.

Parents are encouraged to wait with their children at the bus stop. Parents who cannot

stay at the bus stop should have contingency plans with their children on what to do if the

bus is late or if a child misses the bus. We suggest that every student be at their assigned

bus stop at least 10 minutes early.