Support Listings

Job Title Location Date Posted
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent  Board of Education  6-10-20
Secretary to the Curriculum Director  Board of Education  6-10-20
Secretary Altus Junior High School  6-10-20
Custodian  Altus High School  6-4-20
SPED Paraprofessional  District  5-27-20
Title I Teacher's Assistant  Altus Elementary  5-5-20
Custodian Altus Junior High  4-27-20
Custodian  Altus Primary School  4-27-20
Custodian  Altus Elementary School  4-27-20
Campus Security Officer  District  5-5-20

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Certified Listings

Job Title Location Date Posted
Early Childhood Teacher  District  6-9-20 
English Teacher  Altus Junior High  6-5-20
Elementary P.E.  with coaching responsibilities  Altus Early Childhood Center 6-2-20
Kindergarten Teacher Altus Early Childhood Center 6-1-20
Speech-Language Pathologist  District  5-16-20
Business  Altus High School   4-27-20
Early Childhood Teacher  Rivers Elementary  4-27-20
English Teacher with possible coaching duties  Altus High School  4-27-2020
Teacher  Altus Intermediate School (5th & 6th Grade)  4-8-2020
Elementary Teacher  Altus Elementary School  4-8-2020
Counselor  Altus Primary School 3-10-2020
Counselor  Altus High School  2-13-2020
Boys Track Coach with teaching responsibilities  Altus High School  2-13-2020

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