Altus Public Schools is a thriving K-12 school district surrounded by fertile agriculture land, connected to Altus Air Force Base, and immersed into the middle of the community of Altus.  These work together to create a diverse population and the rich heritage of Altus Public Schools.  Seven campuses and an Administration Center make up the Altus Public Schools District which serves approximately 3,500 students.  School sites are divided into grade-level centers with two grades per school.   L. Mendel Rivers Elementary located on Altus Air Force base is an exception; students in Pre-K through 4th grade call Rivers their school.  Altus High School is home to 9th through 12th grades and offers a diverse array of academic classes and extra-curricular activities to build our Bulldogs into Dedicated, Noble and Ambitious citizens.

3rd Grade Ms. Knight
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Certified Listings

Job Title 

Location Date Posted
Head High School Girls Basketball Coach with teaching field open AHS 4--12-24
5th Grade ELA Teacher AIS 4-8-24
Agriculture Education / FFA instructor AHS 3-28-24
Head High School Boys Basketball Coach - Teaching Field Open  AHS  3-28-24
Head High School Pom Coach -  Teaching Field Open  AHS  3-28-24
5th Grade Social Studies Teacher  AIS  3-26-24
7th Grade Reading Teacher  AJH  3-26-24
Junior High Band Director and High School Band Assistant  DIST 3-12-24
Assistant Athletic Director possible Athletic Training Duties  DIST 3-12-24
3rd-Grade Special Education Teacher AES 3-13-24
5th Grade Science Teacher  AIS 3-5-24
Vocal Music Teacher with possible band duties  AIS 3-5-24
Early Childhood Teacher  DIST 3-5-24
Elementary Teachers DIST 3-5-24
Secondary Spanish Teacher  AHS 2-9-24 
Secondary Math Teacher  AHS 2-9-24
Secondary Science Teacher AHS 2-9-24
Secondary Social Studies Teacher   AHS 2-9-24
Secondary English Teacher AHS  2-9-24
Secondary Art Teacher  DIST 2-9-24
3-year old and Pre K Special Education Teacher DIST  1-25-24
Special Education Teacher DIST 1-25-24
Certified Athletic Trainer  DIST 1-25-24
**** Extra Curricular and Coaching opportunities possible with any certified position! ****    


Support Listings

Job Title 

Location Date Posted
Grounds and Maintenance  DIST 4-4-24
Paraprofessional  AHS  3-28-24
Custodian AHS 3-27-24
Secretary  AJH  3-12-24
Special Education Paraprofessional  AHS 3-12-24
Teacher's Aide  AECC 3-12-24
Special Education Paraprofessional  RIV 3-5-24
Kindergarten Teacher's Aide  AECC 1-23-24


Why Altus Public Schools?

  • Highly competitive extra duty and coaching pay
  • 1 to 1 Apple District 
  • All certified employees receive school Apple MacBooks
  • SmartBoard or Apple TV in all classrooms
  • 1080 hour calendar

Job Description