Transfer Policy 

Oklahoma law regarding public school transfers is changing effective January 1, 2022. The district’s transfer policy, which addresses the elements of the new law, was adopted by theAltus Public Schools Board of Education on December 13, 2021 and is posted to right.  

Students who live inside the Altus Public Schools District wishing to enroll in Altus Public Schools need to visit the Enrollment Tab on this website or click here. 

Students who live outside of the Altus Public Schools district and wish to transfer into the Altus School District must complete a Student Transfer Application.  It can be downloaded here or can be picked up at the Board of Education office at 219 N. Lee from Mindy Hawthorne.  


Transfer Application


Transfer Policy 700.120

First page of the PDF file: POL700.120

Altus Public Schools Availability


Grade Level  Capacity  Availability
Altus Early Childhood Center  Pre-K  175 32
Altus Early Childhood Center  Kindergarten  255 11
Altus Primary School  1st Grade  220 8
Altus Primary School  2nd Grade  207 29
Altus Elementary School  3rd Grade  230 19
Altus Elementary School  4th Grade  215 15
Rivers Elementary School (AAFB) Pre-K 69 6
Rivers Elementary School (AAFB) Kindergarten 89 10
Rivers Elementary School (AAFB) 1st Grade  89 13
Rivers Elementary School (AAFB) 2nd Grade 89 13
Rivers Elementary School (AAFB) 3rd Grade  75 19
Rivers Elementary School (AAFB) 4th Grade  75 22
Altus Intermediate School  5th Grade 260 15
Altus Intermediate School  6th Grade  260 11
Altus Junior High  7th Grade 260 23
Altus Junior High School  8th Grade  260  9
Altus High School  9th Grade 285 7
Altus High School  10th Grade 220 23
Altus High School  11th Grade 220 29
Altus High School  12th Grade 220 28